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Siddhar Siva Shanmugam Connect – 29-Dec-2018 (Saturday)

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It was a fine afternoon session, where I have received a call from my neighbourhood, that Siddhar is visiting our place, and I have eagerly gone to expect some surprises. Really, he made it a memorable day and not left me dis-appointed. He also delivered some amazing speech and very conscious truths revealed about few persons. I can understand, he can realize the future of many, but made very short hints and left baffling clues to me.

Auto-biography of Siddhar

I was the first one to ask him, why he became like this, and what he was? He said, He was once a successful businessman and he used to be the First person to contact in his line of business. He takes care of civil works and glass structures and no simple, but with Architectural styles. What most of the Civil engineers reject, he takes it up for challenge and accomplishes those. He is one of the subject matter expert in his field.

After few tough conversations, he then turned to me and asked, What is your age and what you have achieved so far?

My response was am 34 and I haven’t accomplished much than raising 2 daughters. He just laughed, and said, do you know, what baby you will be get for 2nd. Surprisingly, yes, My Second baby’s due date is on Feb’2019 and it is still 2 months away. He somehow predicted, I am in due for second baby. Jaw dropped by his answer.

He also advised me not to be angry with the people in society and advised me to adjust & learn how to live with them. As they are all been created by god from some game, and everyone’s karma is calculated in outer space, and there is Ardha shastra book written on various degrees of punishment. My eyes got lit and my strategy towards society has changed drastically after his advice.

And then towards the spiritual conversations, he suddenly turned towards me and requested me to stay silence (mounam) for an entire day in the deep forest. This will help realize, who am I and what I must do. I am yet to plan for this.

Overall, he is a very simple personality and renowned spiritual speaker. He walks bare foot and stays most of the time in dense forest areas. He meditates a lot and takes help from one of his friend for support in forest stay.

Happy reading, stay tuned for more stuffs.


Yuvaraj Delli

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How to reset MFA in AWS Account

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There are several scenarios, we will be losing our MFA(Multi Factor Authentication), like for e.g. You lost your phone, or software reset, or accidentally uninstall the VIP / Google Authenticator.

The first thing we do is contact AWS technical support to dis-associate MFA from our root account.

AWS MFA Support team:

You can self service this fix, by following the below steps.

1. Follow the link below to the login page for the account in question, enter your email address and password, and you’ll be routed to your “Amazon Web Services Sign In With Authentication Device” page:

2. Click on the “Having problems with your authentication device? Click here” link, where you can choose to either re-sync your device with our servers or to sign in without your MFA device.

Of course, if these steps are unsuccessful, you’re always able to contact MFA Support again from the link below:


Yuvaraj Delli


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