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Should Scrum Master be a Role or Position?

October 2, 2019 Leave a comment

There are several company following many strategies or philosophies in their process of how to deliver the things.

Some companies come forward and define the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum master. And there are many companies which does not define those and still be agile.

Few companies follow squadron(/squad) strategy and they name themselves as Squads, which means they are independent team, and team has full control to handle the situation/ problem. Any member of the team is given equal rights (irrespective of age, experience or ethnicity), and they follow voting rights to take any critical decisions in the team. Scrum master here will be a pure people servant. The product owner here will be named as Squad leader and he will provide direction to focus, and squad members focus this direction.

In this case, the scrum master or any other role in the team becomes invalidate and anyone in the squad team, should be able to handle all the roles based on need. And they become real people independent team. There are no defined roles among Squad members. And Based on requirement the squad members take the hat for the respective sprint.

What I mean, is as DEV, QA and other roles are defined, Scrum master is also a defined role and any members should be able to play this role, based on the need. To be a perfect Squad team, all the roles in the team, should be swapped to have equal rotation.

There is always a varied feedback on either of opinion, pls feel free to drop your opinion in below comments section.

God Bless.


Yuvaraj Delli

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