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American Vs Australian

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment


This is really a two poles not in direction, the way they communicate and understand…

lets compare few scenarios and have fun

1. In Australia your partner is your mate, and your mate is your partner. In the U.S. one’s partner is a person with whom one shares a project, be it a business, a trip, a boat, etc. In Australia, one’s partner  is their spouse–married or not, gay or straight. In America, you’d call that person your "mate", but in Australia, your mate is your best friend. If a man introduces you another man and says, "This is my partner." You might think they were business partners instead of a couple and might say something unnecessarily embarrassing.

2. To "table" a subject in an American business meeting is to remove it from discussion until a later date. In Australia, to table something is to put it on the table to discuss immediately.

3. Hottie in Australian means “hot water bottle” and they prefer saying – I always take hottie with me. Aemricans means the different way. Hottie in their term stands for beautiful woman.

4. Ginger is the nick name for the person with red hair in Australia. And never call them Ginger 🙂

5. Australians say “Flying doctor” meaning the doctors who go in Air for remote rescue. Americans can think this a way totally different

6. Australians call the specialist doctors as “registrars”, but in America the registrars meaning is A person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company

7. Australians have “Booze Bus” means a police van used in road to catch the drunk drivers. The Americans think this as advantageous way and ask for liquor

8. Australians key in a term “Bunfight” for any argument or dispute, but the American meaning towards the same could be different.

9. “gin” is the offensive word used against the Aboriginal woman in Australia (Aboriginal are the native Australians). Americans have to be very careful in buying a gin in Australia or the reverse.

10. In Australia the double quotation marks are called as 66 and 99. The Americans will get too much confused  by  those terms 🙂


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