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My weekend trek to Nagalapuram with the Chennai Trekkers Club – 9 and 10 May’09

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Hey What you’ve been up to this weekend .
Guess what -:) went on a trek this weekend with the Chennai Trekkers Club , Reason for doing ;got absolutely bored of the same city life same boring office 9-00-9 kind of life style and I guess all who joined and were part of this trek were also coming from the same line of thought . All wanting to escape from the mundane life and ppl who are actually thrill seekers stuck up bad in their daily bread winning acts.
You could find various ppl from different backgrounds and well established in their own fields but when it came to walking a few yards under the hot sun under the umbrella of mother nature, Which on that particular day seemed to be spitting fire . … these guys were just not good !!!!!

But each one of us how ever unfit we proved to be at the end ,completed the trek or can call it a major wreck
cause by the end of it there was only wreckage of bodies all over . Trust me it pained in places where i can’t even imagine .
I never imagined it would be so much fun when i enrolled . we started off on bikes and cars and these guys went bizzirk man .. Have you ever seen ppl driving cars while standing in the drivers seat guess it happens only in Bollywood .. if you were  not there with us on this trip u for sure missed such visuals. Peter was amazing  I personally have never seen such a thing
Well as we moved on Ram-zan or should I say Tar-zan met with a (kutti which is a major undersatement)  accident,,,lucky i guess to escape only with some minor bruises and after some quick first aid given to him  by our very own on the trek doc Wasim, we carried on without any further incidents to our base camp.
Trust me most first timers thought  that we’d jus be climbing some mountain and walking all along and have a nice little picnic and come back but boy !!! were we wrong .
very soon were climb uphill with the sun beating down as hard as it could and felt particularly hard with the 2-3 kgs backpacks we were carrying all along the way we had some super water spots to replenish and without these pit stops i think i would not have survived the whole thing .

Well the most amazing part of it was it reminded me of the ragging days where  in  my seniors used to say that calamity is the biggest binder  and how true it was according to then they just created the situations for us to get better . Well I can tell u for sure the way ppl helped each other i.e. ppl who probably have met each other for the first time in life was amazing and that is where the heart of such trip actually lies I guess.
All along My laziness and my supreme fitness which i have already told u about !! was getting in my way while we were going through this roller coaster ride over the boulders with no flat land in sight.
If this was not enough after some time we were asked to go up the hill which was at a 30deg incline and then we crossed some 200 mts all along the mountain with only a valley to stare down at with no support  this is point when I was reminded of god the most trust me I along with most others were shit scared , But some how we all managed to complete it and came down the hill sliding on our butts . proof in point most of the guys had their pants torn from behind ……
well after all this we finally reached our base camp fought to get place to sleep on the hard boulders with only the star to cover our head and laid like logs after having some super food cooked by the whole team .
The way back was the same .. we trekked our way back the same way as we came .. but surprisingly it was far it seemed far more easier , may be the fear factor was there no more and had more fun all along .Maybe  we all were more confident by now .

Boy !!!! was the toughest physical ordeal i have been through  yet and the experienced trekkers kept on calling it the simplest of the treks they’ve ever been to . (Guess that’s their standard mantra to motivate ppl and prevent ppl from chickening out)
At the start of the trek Peter told, its just a 10 min walk. This 10 min actually have ended only at dawn. Damn physique, now am craze in getting this tough physique.
But tell you what one of the members form the trek kept on telling us that they need to push us hard so that we come back??? as the pain is the addiction for which ppl  return back and boy  he was so right !!!.Am game for the next trek and with more josh !!
Till the Next trek I guess I can say with a little bit of courage
Suggestion: Every one should try it the one thing you will have is love for your life

Download the fantastic snapshots of Nagalla trek


NAGALLAPURAM – 25 (Silver Jubilee)

I know the previous one was a medium, only when you have faced
the difficult. This is tremendous, and the climb was 880 m high.

I got cramps in both of my legs at the mid of the climb. As
a physician was beside me, he helped me relieve this pain. Then I have been
pushed back, walking slowly and enjoying the pain.

Peter has advised us to carry 3 liters of water, in spite I
carried only 2 liters, as my backpack was too heavy. On the way, I drank all
the reserve. While at the hill top, the sun ate all my energy and was very
thirsty. You could not have faced this dying thirsty ever in your life. I even
have prepared myself to drink the dirty stagnant water lagging in between the
rocks. This water is very dangerous, this water contains lot of parasites and
this can quickly turn you down with diarrhea and drowsy. In the mean time I met
the great Saravana Kumar helped me by giving tiny droplets of water which were
left behind in the water bottle. This just wetted my throat, Still alive J. Then quickly we went
down for a camp.

The second day was bit ok, as went to magic pool and thereby
we went on in the usual way.

In the magic pool, as I was waiting for a swimmer to pass on the pool. I was waiting on the top of the rocks and literally making some noise and this probably could have disturbed this aghori’s meditation. He knows I doesn’t know swimming, in spite he pushed me into water. Everyone there was shocked of this incident. and the good swimmers were on the other side of the pool. It takes atleast 2 – 3 min to come this side. Imagine this incident, How a non swimmer will struggle in the deep water. Atlast Ritest and Saravana kumar came for rescue. Till the time I have managed to be on the top of the water. I donno how… ?

Please see the snapshots of Nagallapuram 25 – Silver jubilee photos


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